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meg masters  the scorpio
unyielding, dynamic, observant, manipulative

While they present a detached, somewhat unemotional front to those around them, tremendous power and strength often lies beneath the surface of a Scorpio. Some would deem these individuals as the passive ones of the zodiac as they would rather hold their grudge and scheme revenge than showing indignation. They like to toy with their preys before striking and prefer to be in control at all times. However, they will often not strike from the front but rather wait until the opportune moment to act. To be out of control is very threatening to these people, even dangerous to the scorpion’s psyche. They are highly emotional, despite their cool exterior, their eyes often blaze with feelings that words cannot express. Negative emotions such as jealousy and resentment are hallmarks of this turbulent sign. They will constantly find themselves trying to understand their inner workings, attempting to find a deeper purpose in their lives. Those born under this sign are persistent and determined, traits which will become apparent as they give in to their power hungry side. They can be evil and revengeful people and are capable of manipulating any situation or individual for their own benefit. They are excellent at hiding their true motivations and often have ulterior motives or hidden agendas. Accomplishing a task they have set their mind to is often not a problem, the key to their abilities lies in their talent for surveying a situation and taking a different approach if necessary. With their dominating side, Scorpios will not hesitate to take control over anyone that lets them or anyone they find weak.
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